Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Stop Purchase / Sale or Inventory adjustments for a Product (Item) in Microsoft Dynamics AX

Companies using ERPs often have one big complaint, they cannot delete a Product (Item) having transactions. For a corporation having few thousand products, it is a key requirement that they stop a product after few years on shelves (take for example the Nokia’s 1100 model was highly successful mobile phone. Alas! The company has to stop this product as part of their market strategy)

In Microsoft Dynamics AX (Microsoft Dynamics 365 for operations), a Product can be created globally and can be released to a legal entity as per requirement. Only upon successful release, the legal entity can transact on that product (termed as “Released Product”)

A released product cannot be deleted if transactions (Purchases, sales and Inventory) exist. However, a released product can be stopped from making new purchase, sales and/ or Inventory transactions. 

It is a good idea to ensure the On-hand inventory for this released product is zeroed out before a Released product is stopped

Note that each of this needs to be done separately as explained in the below:

1. Go to Released products and select the released product to be stopped. Click on default order settings under MANAGER INVENTORY tab (as highlighted in the below screen capture) 



2. The Default order settings for the selected released product is opened as below:

3. Stop new purchases: In order to stop the new purchases, go to Purchase Order fast tab and click on the Stopped


4. Stop new Inventory transactions: In order to stop the new inventory transactions, go to Inventory fast tab and click on the Stopped 


5. Stop new Sales transactions: In order to stop the new sales transactions, go to Sales order fast tab and click on the Stopped

This is it. Now the released product is stopped from making any new transactions. 

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  1. I still have inventory on hand equal to open sales order lines, and I want to stop any new SO lines from being created. But when I tick the Stopped on Sales order in the Default order settings, this prevents the current open SO lines from being despatched! How can I set AX to prevent NEW SO lines being created, but to allow existing SO lines to be processed?