Sunday, January 1, 2017

Print multiple Purchase Orders from AX (Dynamics 365 for operations)

It is a common requirement for many companies that the print out of the Purchase Order. The option of printing multiple purchase orders (or any other Business documents such as Sales Order, Invoice etc.,) is available in AX.

This can be achieved using the Print Management settings in AX. Below I am going to show you the setup required for the setting up Print Management to generate Purchase order as a PDF format (alternatively it can be directly sent to printer).

First things first. We need to setup the Print Management settings for the Purchase Order as below.

Go to Accounts Payable > Setup > Forms > Form setup

The form setup page is opened as below. Click on the Print Management button as highlighted below:

The Print Management for is opened as below. in the below form under the Purchase order select printout type (in our case : Original) and this shows the properties on the right hand side.

In the highlighted Tab "Destination", The current destination is "Default" this is where we need to change to achieve the required goal.

Click on the Arrow shown and it will display options as below. In the options select the "Printer Setup"  as shown below:

This will open the "Print destination settings" dialog box. This is a familiar dialog box for many of us. In this box on the left side, choose Printer (as below):

I am selecting the Printer as "Microsoft Print to PDF" as in my case, I wanted to print the Purchase order into a PDF and Click "OK"

You may choose a different printer as is required. The print management functionality can also be used to send Purchase Order via Email. You may choose different options as per your business needs.

Once the setup is done, the destination is changed to "Printer: Microsoft Print to PDF" as below

With this setup is completed. Now we need to go to the Confirmed Purchase orders, which lists down all the Confirmed POs:

Navigate to  "Procurement and sourcing >Purchase orders >Purchase order confirmation >Purchase order confirmations". This opens the Purchase order confirmations form as below

from the list, Select all the Purchase Orders to be printed:

Click on the "User Print Management" option in the screen above and that's it, the selected Purchase orders are printed as separate PDF files and the prompt asks us for the location to where the file needs to be saved.

The same process can be applied to any type of Business document and I hope this article is useful for your AX implementation


  1. Hello! Thank you for the clear explanation of this topic, I didn't know about the option of printing multiple purchase orders or any other business documents in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and now I know it's available in AX.

    1. Yes. Printing multiple business documents is a key feature many people are looking for. But, unfortunately very little documentation is available in this regard.

      I am happy my blog post about this topic helped you.


  2. Hi Chandu!
    Thank you very much for the great post!

    In your post you wrote: "I am selecting the Printer as "Microsoft Print to PDF" as in my case, I wanted to print the Purchase order into a PDF and Click "OK"".

    Would you be so kind to advise how to get "Microsoft Print to PDF" enabled as one of the printer name/destination options, please?

    1. If you have setup the "Microsoft Print to PDF" in your Document routing agent for Dynamics 365, Then it will be available for print.

      For more details on how to install Document Routing Agent refer to the below link (advised to install on a separate server per location)

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