Monday, January 9, 2017

Configuration for currencies without decimals (Zero decimal Currencies) in Dynamics AX

Most of the currencies across the globe have decimals (for ex: USD 100.99 where 100 is the dollars and 99 are cents).

There are a few currencies that are exception however, below is a list of some such currencies where the smallest currency unit is 1 :

CLP  - Chilean Peso
JPY   - Japanese Yen
KRW - South Korean Won
VND - Vietnamese Dong
The currencies in AX (Dynamics 365 for Operations) can be configured to restrict decimals as below.

Open the Currencies form ( General ledger > Currencies > Currencies). In the rounding rules fast tab setup the following values:

General rounding rule = 1.00
Sales order rounding rule = 1.00
Purchase order rounding rule = 1.00
Fixed asset rounding rule = 1.00

As shown in the screenshot below:


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  2. I tried the configuration for Japanese currency. But the price shows 42.00 for unit price 41.99. What might have gone wrong? Thanks in ADVANCE.