Thursday, November 24, 2016

A new and integrated approach to future - Microsoft Dynamics 365

Effective 1st November 2016, Microsoft starts rolling out Dynamics 365 an integrated and connected cloud based business platform that can be integrated with On premise apps or solutions and cloud based offerings to deliver an integrated offering to meet all sorts of business needs.
The Dynamics 365 is essentially bifurcated into two solutions one for larger enterprises (Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise edition) and the other for small and medium enterprises (Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business edition) and the power apps (individual solution offerings) available under each option are as below:

The Business edition comes packaged primarily with the erstwhile Microsoft Dynamics CRM & Microsoft's mid-sized ERP Microsoft Dynamics NAV (upgraded through Project Madeira)
The Enterprise edition includes Microsoft Dynamics AX & Microsoft Dynamics CRM among the other power apps.

The enterprises whose requirements are not met with the above groupings can also shop these apps a la carte by choosing the apps most relevant for their respective needs.

I strongly believe this as a major contribution from Microsoft in making the world a "Global interconnected village". As the businesses start expanding and becoming "larger than life" entities, it has become a necessity that this large size and scale requires to be belled (quote: "Belling the cat") and this can only be done by integrating the communications from all corners of the business and addressing the needs in a better fashion.

Although Microsoft Dynamics 365 is quite exciting, it may take a while to break the market stigma and enter the actual usage and a while more to unsettle the comfort zones of users used to the neo traditional "what we see is what we have" model.

It may also be challenging that few countries with strong statutes against cloud based models would come out in open to accept the change in the making.

Let's welcome this change and support Microsoft better deliver on Microsoft Dynamics 365

You might also want to watch the full video of the Microsoft's vision for Business transformation below:


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    I'm glad to visit your blog and read something interesting about the transformation and a new and integrated approach to future in Microsoft Dynamics 365

  3. Microsoft has launched Dynamics 365 at the right time! Earlier, companies had to get NAV and CRM implemented separately from a Microsoft Dynamics Partner and work on separate applications. Now with Dynamics 365, they get both capabilities together which means less time in installation and more time at work, resulting in greater productivity. It is premature to comment on Microsoft Dynamics 365, but I really wish that it becomes a great success in the months to follow!

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