Sunday, February 19, 2017

Finally fixed: Product Receipt cannot be cancelled if a line has multiple Batch numbers

This is one peculiar issue that has been bothering us quite some time now. It was present in AX 2012 and well into Microsoft Dynamics 365 for operations.

When a purchase is made and the product has multiple batch numbers, we use the split functionality in the Item arrival journal to split the quantity and assign batch number.

The problem comes when we want to cancel the Product receipt. When we try to cancel the product receipt with a line that has a split, The product receipt cancels only partially.

Finally, we reported the issue with Microsoft and our dedicated friends at Microsoft decided to fix this issue outright. Enclosed below is the Repro steps of the issue that we reported with Microsoft Dynamics team

Repro Steps for Complete Product Receipt not cancelled when split exists

The below is the Fix provided by Microsoft (Available through LCS- Hotfix# KB 3214547)

KB 3214547Partial Product Receipt cannot be cancelled if item quantity on item arrival journal is split with different batch numbers

Credits to Chandu Naresh (Me), Paul Dipankar & Nikhil Pujar for having worked together in identification of this bug in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for operations and reporting to Microsoft team.

Note: This issue and the fix is relevant to customers using tracking dimensions such as Batch Number, Serial Number or Consignment

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