Saturday, May 30, 2015

Dynamics AX growing, but a long way to go

In a recent publication from Gartner "Magic Quadrant for ERP" , an attempt to compare the widely accepted ERP solutions globally against the ERP's "Completeness of Vision" and "Ability to Execute" .

The only ERPs qualified as leaders are "SAP Business" and "MS Dynamics AX" (High on both Vision & ability to execute) . Players like Oracle financials, JD Edwards, Infor are high on ability to execute but very low on vision.

A relatively new entrant Epicor 9 assumes greater role with its strong Manufacturing capabilities supported by its relatively powerful supply chain (High on vision, but low in ability to execute).

Dynamics AX is still very far against its competitor SAP Business all in one, in terms of Production and supply chain. But, is building upon to reduce the gap in projects & service management. This gap can be much narrowed with improving performance and functionalities in core areas and aiming at large scale sector


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  2. Thanks for the information.
    I think Microsoft Dynamics solution is very flexible and strong now, it's growing very fast and develops its functionality and services, so I prefer this system.