Saturday, May 30, 2015

Strengthening the Supply Chain Management in Ax 2012 r3

Supply chain management is a broad term in regular use ever since AX 2012 is released replacing the erstwhile term "Trade & Logistics" used in versions AX 2009, 4.0 and so on to represent Purchase, Sales and inventory moment activity.
Many of us already understand distribution of a company's product through efficient dealership network and timely logistics supplying these dealerships from the point of manufacture is the key to sales.
Meeting the given demand is a key to a company's success irrespective of how popular or quality of the product is being offered, which makes this network a very key in enhancing a company's sales.
Same is also the factor with the raw material procurement, maintaining the Economic order quantity, re-order levels and minimum order quantity is the key along with many other important business requirements.
Assume an FMCG companies such as Proctor & Gamble or Unilever is planning to implement Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 to meet their complete business requirements. Can standard Ax meet the business needs of such a big network with thousands of dealerships across the globe?


The Answer is a Yes with the introduction of the enhanced AX 2012 R3. Let us study various modules (With detailed features for new modules) that enables these key requirements.
Warehouse Management: This module integrates better and improved Warehouse management capabilities into Microsoft Dynamics AX. This provides for real-time handling of inventories at warehouse permitting user of scanners, creating orders for pick and pack, setting up container groups, wave processing. All the requirements of a modern warehouse are provided for in this new module introduced in R3 release

Transportation Management: This module provides for freight movement planning across business. AX provides for centralized and distributed (warehouse / site) level movement. The new features include Advanced load planning, rate and route calculations.

Trade allowance management: There is always a demand for implementing advanced price management functionality in AX. Microsoft has come out with Trade allowance management to solve the pricing riddle.This module can be used to create, maintain, and quickly determine status of trade allowances apart from managing prices and discounts that are offered at various times as part of promotional incentives.

apart from the above new modules a host of existing modules such as Product Information Management, Inventory Management, Procurement and sourcing, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Sales and Marketing.
Not to limit here the Project management module provides for Product research & development related activities.
Continuous Improvements are fast reinforcing the existing functionality to build a better product for the customers in the form of Microsoft Dynamics AX.

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