Friday, July 22, 2016

Global General Journals – Enter journals in multiple LE's simultaneously in Dynamics AX

Very often most of the Dynamics AX implementations include implementation of multiple legal entities. The accountants need to create and post General Journals in multiple companies and this pretty often requires the users to juggle between companies (Select the company in which Journal needs to be posted and then continue with making transactions).

This is a very common scenario and kills the productivity of the accountant. Many of the accountants are very fast in General Journals entry and posting. Indeed, we require them to be fast, if our accountants are not that fast then the whole organization’s productivity is lost. Accounting is an essential back office task that needs to be productive. What they need is a system aided function where the accounting process is aided to improve productivity.

Here comes a brand new feature in with the new AX that alleviates the accounting users of this problem aiding them in better performing their tasks
“Global General Journals”
 So how does these Global General Journals work? Let us navigate and see it for ourselves:

Go to General ledger > Journal entries > Global general journals

In below screenshot observe that the Global general journals form has the Company as the first column (highlighted in Red). Also observe the Company that I am in is USMF in the Top right corner (Highlighted in yellow)

Now I want to create a new Journal in USPI company. I click on New (Alt+N) and enter the company as USPI, Journal name in the Dialog Box and click Ok.

This creates a new General Journal in USPI company with JBN# 00137 and continue with rest of General journal info.

Click on Lines to enter vouchers. Now if you observe the Journal voucher, the company has been updated to USPI (Highlighted in yellow)

 You can now complete the journal voucher and proceed for posting as a normal journal voucher in the USPI company.


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